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Fifth doctoral degree in TRUSS

On Friday 22nd March 2019, Farhad Huseynov (ESR7) became the fifth TRUSS ESR in successfully defending his doctoral thesis in [...]

Fourth doctoral degree in TRUSS

On Tuesday 19th March 2019, Daniel Martínez (ESR12) became the fourth TRUSS ESR in successfully defending his doctoral thesis in front [...]

Third doctoral degree in TRUSS

On Tuesday 12th March 2019, Rui Teixeira (ESR4) became the third TRUSS ESR in successfully defending his doctoral thesis in [...]

Video release summarizing TRUSS outcomes

The video below summarizes in 5 minutes the aims and achievements of the TRUSS project for the past four [...]

“Verification of the HDM-4 fuel consumption model using a Big data approach: A UK case study”

On February 2019, the paper titled "Verification of the HDM-4 fuel consumption model using a Big data approach: A UK [...]

Second doctoral degree in TRUSS

on 23rd January 2019, Guang Zou (ESR5) became the second TRUSS ESR in successfully defending his doctoral thesis in front [...]

“Experimental validation of the seismic analysis methodology for free-standing spent fuel racks”

On 4th January 2019, the paper titled "Experimental validation of the seismic analysis methodology for free-standing spent fuel racks" by Alberto [...]

TRUSS featured in Open Access Government

Open Access Government (www.openaccessgovernment.org/) featured an article about TRUSS in the pages 206 and 207 of their 2019 January edition.  [...]

First doctoral degree in TRUSS is awarded

on 5th November 2018, Antonio Barrias (ESR11) became the first TRUSS ESR in defending his doctoral thesis in front of [...]

“Identifying unexpected behavior of tunnels via ensemble-based change-point detection”

The paper titled "An ensemble-based change-point detection method for identifying unexpected behaviour of railway tunnel infrastructures" by Matteo Vagnoli [...]

Special Session on TRUSS in Ghent (IALCCE 2018)

TRUSS researchers participated at the Special Session SS-6 titled “TRUSS ITN - Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety”, which is [...]

Outreach at EUCYS 2018

Sofia Antonopoulou (ESR1) and Siyuan Chen (ESR14) supported the Communication Office of DG Research & Innovation at their Horizon 2020 [...]

TRUSS workshop in Dublin

Following a successful workshop in London, TRUSS liaised with the Civil Engineering Research Association of Ireland (CERAI) to host [...]

Annual plenary meeting in UCD

The 3rd annual plenary meeting of TRUSS was hosted by UCD on 28th and 29th August 2018. The agenda included [...]

ESR talks about future of structural health monitoring

Following the collapse of the Genoa bridge, Matteo Vagnoli (ESR9) was interviewed again by Casentino più, this time by Christian [...]

QQI6 project management course

This 4 day course was organised by TRUSS and designed by DCM learning to give ESRs a fast track [...]

“Using laser doppler vibrometer measurements on a vehicle for bridge damage detection”

On 16th May 2018, the paper titled "The Feasibility of Using Laser Doppler Vibrometer Measurements from a Passing Vehicle for [...]

ESR makes top three in TRA Young Researcher competition

TRA VISIONS 2018 Young Researchers competition is the largest competition for Young Researchers in Europe for the transport industry [...]

Joint publication on pavements, buildings, energy and marine infrastructure research by ESRs

This paper serves as a complement to the joint paper on TRUSS progress in bridge engineering already reported in [...]

“Embedded distributed optical fiber sensors in reinforced concrete structures-case study”

On 26th March 2018, Antonio Barrias (ESR11) published the paper titled "Embedded Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors in Reinforced Concrete Structures—A [...]

“On the suitability of the generalized Pareto to model extreme waves”

On 6th March 2018, the paper titled "On the suitability of the generalized Pareto to model extreme waves" by Rui [...]

TRUSS featured in Impact magazine

Science Impact Magazine (www.impact.pub) has published a 3-page article about TRUSS featuring interviews to Federico Perrota (ESR13) and Arturo Gonzalez (coordinator) [...]

“Distributed optical fiber sensors applied to monitoring of two structures”

On 23rd February 2018, the paper titled "Application of distributed optical fiber sensors for the health monitoring of two real [...]

Third TRUSS training week

The 3rd TRUSS ITN training week was held both in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and in University College Dublin (UCD) (Ireland) [...]

Joint publication on bridge engineering research by ESRs

TRUSS ESRs and supervisors from WP5 have jointly published a paper on the project overall as well as results to [...]

TRUSS in Science Week Ireland 2017

By the third consecutive year, TRUSS participated in Science Week Ireland. Again, TRUSS organised an outreach activity together with the UCD School [...]

Talk about being a researcher as in TRUSS to Master students

On Wednesday 8th November 2017, the Masters in Civil Engineering at Escuela Politecnica de Mieres (University of Oviedo, Spain), [...]

Meeting requirements for a doctoral degree

All TRUSS ESRs are enrolled in a PhD programme at one of the academic beneficiaries. Therefore, in addition to the [...]

ESR presents to experts on structural integrity

Rui Teixeira (ESR4) talked about his TRUSS paper titled "Random variables in the Offshore Wind Turbine fatigue reliability design with Kriging [...]

“Railway bridge structural health monitoring and fault detection”

On 24th August 2017, the paper titled "Railway bridge structural health monitoring and fault detection: State-of-the-art methods and future challenges" by Matteo [...]

ESRs attend Asia-Pacific-Euro School on smart structures

Four TRUSS ESRs (Farhad Huseynov (ESR7), Matteo Vagnoli (ESR9), JJ Moughty (ESR10) and Antonio Barrias (ESR11)) joined an intensive three‐week programme [...]

TRUSS ESRs submit joint research funding proposal

From the first training weeek, TRUSS has encouraged team work amongst ESRs. Network-wide events have served to promote cooperative learning by [...]

ESR assists students at UCD Summer High School

Daniel Martinez (ESR12) and Loreto Manriquez (TRUSS PM) participated in an outreach activity hosted by UCD Civil Engineering School at 10.30 [...]

Paper about TRUSS project in DAMAS 2017

The coordinator, Dr. Arturo Gonzalez, presented the TRUSS paper entitled "Developments in damage assessment by Marie Skłodowska-Curie TRUSS ITN [...]

“Detecting damage with curvature from vehicle measurements”

On 10th July 2017, the paper titled "Damage Detection using Curvatures obtained from Vehicle Measurements" by Daniel Martinez (ESR12), his supervisor Eugene OBrien, and Abdollah [...]

TRUSS at UNOTT open day

University of Nottingham (UNOTT) held Open Days on Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July 2017. This a University event attended by thousands [...]

Validating a bridge safety model with long records of field data

ESRs in TRUSS are working on novel and advanced theoretical models that will reduce uncertainty in structural safety. However, these models [...]

Special Session on TRUSS in Portoroz (ESREL 2017)

TRUSS researchers participated at the Symposium titled “TRUSS, A Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network in Structural Safety”, held as part [...]

Open day activity of the UPC’s doctoral school

The open day at the doctoral school in UPC is an activity mainly attended by masters students where Antonio Barrias (ESR11) [...]

Annual plenary meeting in Lloyd’s Register

The 2nd annual plenary meeting of TRUSS was hosted by Lloyd's Register in their premises of 71 Fenchurch st. (London, UK), [...]

TRUSS workshop in London

If you are in London on Wednesday 24 May, join us for a half-day TRUSS Workshop (1.30 – 6pm) at [...]

“Review of modal-based damage detection in bridges”

"A State of the Art Review of Modal-Based Damage Detection in Bridges: Development, Challenges, and Solutions" is a paper [...]

TRUSS at engineering research showcase in Nottingham

The University of Nottingham's 2017 annual Engineering Research Showcase was held on Thursday 4 May in room A09 of the Engineering and [...]

“Analysis of load test on composite I-girder bridge”

On 26th April 2017, the paper titled "Analysis of load test on composite I-girder bridge" by Farhad Huseynov (ESR7), his supervisors James Brownjohn [...]

Presentation at TRL by TRUSS researcher

As part of the secondment activities, the ESR is commonly asked to give a presentation about his research to [...]

Seeking to encourage girls in civil engineering

Sofia Antonopoulou (ESR1), Giulia Milana (ESR6) and Loreto Manriquez (TRUSS project manager) joined Dr. Aoife Ahern (WP3 leader and UCD [...]

“Bridge damage detection based on vibration data”

The paper 'Bridge damage detection based on vibration data: past and new developments',  by JJ Moughty (ESR10) and his supervisor Joan Ramon [...]

Second TRUSS training week

The 2nd TRUSS ITN training week was held in Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC) (Spain) from Monday 16th to Friday [...]

Latest Arup Ireland technical news

In page 3 of the Technical News issue 100 (January 2017) by Arup Ireland, it is possible find an article about [...]

“State of technology review of civilian UAVs”

Siyuan Chen (ESR14) has published the paper titled "State of Technology Review of Civilian UAVs" together with his supervisors Debra [...]

TRUSS at TCD open day

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) held an Open Day on Saturday, 10th December 2016, from 9 am to 3.30 pm. The Department of [...]

TRUSS supervisor and ESR on Irish national television

Nationwide is a television programme shown in Ireland each Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at 19:00. Produced by RTÉ Cork, and broadcast on RTÉ [...]

Mid-term review meeting

The MidTerm Review (MTR) meeting was held in Ove Arup and Partners Ireland, Dublin, on the 1st and 2nd December [...]

Attendance to ROSE workshop during secondment

Secondments often provide an opportunity of exposing Early Stage Researchers to other projects. When on secondment at Greenwood Engineering in Denmark, [...]

TRUSS in Science Week Ireland 2016

Science Week Ireland is an annual event dating back to 1996 that has grown into a programme of over 800 events [...]

Best paper presentation at ICRSS 2016

Guang Zou, ESR5, was awarded a "Best Paper Presentation" prize at the 18th International Conference on Reliability and Structural Safety [...]

Sharing findings with international and local communities

Here, our ESR 8, Barbara Heitner, reports on her findings to the research community using two different means of presentation: a [...]

Interviews to fellow in Italian magazine and newspaper

The journalist Eugenio Milizia interviewed ESR9, Matteo Vagnoli, at the beginning of August 2016, for Casentino Più, a mainstream monthly Italian magazine. In the [...]

Training in FE modelling of composite materials

Sofia Antonopoulou (ESR1) is carrying out sophisticated finite element modelling to gather a better understanding of the impact of braided [...]

TRUSS at national civil engineering research conference

With 119 full peer-reviewed technical papers, 5 keynote papers and over 180 delegates registered for the Civil Engineering Research in [...]

Brochure introducing TRUSS ITN

The brochure provides a summary of the objectives of each individual research project in addition to the overall goals of TRUSS ITN. A printed [...]

ESRs at SHM, prognostics and management forums

Three Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) were present in European conferences organised jointly at the Euskalduna Conference Center in Bilbao (Spain) from 5th [...]

ESR participates at ‘Fly, Scan, Print’ open day

ESR14, Siyuan Chen, participated in the organisation of the free event "Fly Scan Print" by U3D that took place on the Wednesday [...]

Annual plenary meeting in ENSA

The annual plenary meeting of TRUSS was hosted by ENSA in their premises of Maliaño (Cantabria, Spain), on the Thursday [...]

TRUSS at structural health monitoring workshop

Four Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and two main supervisors from TRUSS attended the 6th workshop on Civil Structural Health Monitoring (CHMS-6). António Barrias [...]

“Review of distributed optical fiber sensors for civil engineering”

On the 23rd May 2016, Antonio Barrias (ESR11) published the paper titled "A Review of Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors for [...]

Attendance to Microlise transport conference

Federico Perrotta (ESR13) together with his supervisor Dr Tony Parry attended the Microlise Transport Conference 2016 which took place on [...]

Blogs by all early stage researchers available

All 14 TRUSS Early Stage Researchers have now launched their individual blogs that are being updated on a continuous basis. Blogging [...]

Gathering expertise in structural reliability theory

Guang Zou (ESR5) and Giulia Milana (ESR6) are attending the course on "Theory of Structural Reliability" imparted at the Department of Civil and Environmental [...]

ESRs networking with IABSE association and COST action

In March 2016, UPC Barcelona welcomed members of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) for Day 2 of [...]

On how to manage and share references

There are a number of popular bibliography management software tools such as Endnote, Mendeley, RefWorks or Zotero, among others. Endnote Online is [...]

Industrial training on the latest technology

An essential component in the training of TRUSS fellows is gathering expertise during visits and secondments to industrial partners that [...]

TRUSS ITN acknowledged in Spanish newspaper

TRUSS is mentioned in the Technology Section of ‘El Diario Montañés’ newspaper published on Thursday 17th December 2015. El Diario Montañés (http://www.eldiariomontanes.es/) [...]

NDE and safety courses at Lloyd’s Register

Giulia Milana, TRUSS Early Stage Researcher hosted by Lloyd’s Register has attended training courses on non-destructive examination and field safety imparted by [...]

First TRUSS training week

University of Nottingham hosted the first network-wide training week organised by TRUSS. It was held in the Coates and NTEC [...]

Training on standards, materials & welding in ENSA

In addition to the training received directly from his supervisors, ESR2, Alberto González Merino, has access to periodic seminars imparted [...]

Talk on building a successful academic career

TRUSS aims to enhance career prospects in both industry and academia. A seminar on how to build a successful academic [...]

TRUSS in Science Week Ireland 2015

TRUSS participation in Willow Science Week 2015 (9th to 12th November) served the purpose of inspiring school children and motivating them to [...]

ESR receives training towards qualifying as drone pilot

Research by TRUSS fellow, Siyuan Chen, from UCD, involves the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for monitoring infrastructure safety (project ESR14). An [...]

Extending technological advances in road profiling

In theory, there are multitude of algorithms that could be successfully applied to structural health monitoring and damage detection if [...]

  • Research Exhibition from UCD Earth Institute

Posters in research exhibition at Earth Institute

TRUSS fellows attended and presented posters from their projects in the exhibition organised by the UCD Earth Institute on the Wednesday 30th [...]

TRUSS in 27th EAIE conference

Dr. Jennifer Brennan from Irish Universities Association, Ireland and Przemyslaw Jankowski, from the European Commission, Belgium were the two speakers [...]

Article about TRUSS reaching 24,000 engineers in Ireland

The objectives of TRUSS have been published in the Website (www.engineersireland.ie), Newsletter and Journal of Engineers Ireland in the issue of [...]

Participation in ‘Future of the Doctorate’ conference

Dr. Aoife Ahern (WP3 leader) and Prof. Joan Ramon Casas (WP2 leader) from TRUSS attended "The Future of the Doctorate" [...]

MSCA ITN 2014 – Info Day ‘A focus on implementation’

The project coordinator of TRUSS, Dr. Arturo González, attended the first H2020 ITN Coordinators’ Info day that took place on [...]

Outreach at Saint Joseph’s College, Garbally Park

Pictured is Professor Eugene OBrien of University College Dublin (centre) with Careers Guidance Councillor Roisin McSharry and Engineering teacher Paul [...]

Call for applications to TRUSS opened now

TRUSS is looking to recruit 14 Early Stage Researchers (PhD students) to join the project in August or September 2015 [...]

Kick-off meeting in Dublin

The TRUSS kick-off meeting took place on Tuesday February 17 from 9.30am to 4.15pm in the premises of the UCD [...]

Favourable Evaluation of TRUSS proposal by the REA

The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) proposal TRUSS was favourably evaluated by the Research Executive Agency and invited [...]