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Industrial training on the latest technology

Burgmann Packings, Dublin (Ireland), 21 Jan 2016
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An essential component in the training of TRUSS fellows is gathering expertise during visits and secondments to industrial partners that will enhance their research outputs and prepare them for a job in their chosen topic. The interaction with industrial partners allows fellows to learn about state-of-the-art technology, to apply technical knowledge and engineering methods to a real-life situation, to get experience working in a company communicating with engineers and other groups and to witness how business is organised.

In the case of ESR1 Sofia Antonopoulou, Burgmann Packings provides Industrial training and inputs for her project. Sofia visited the quarters of Burgmann Packings, located in Unit 48, Cookstown Industrial Estate, Dublin 24 (Ireland) on 21st January 2016. During her visit, she met with Greg Byrne, her industrial supervisor, and with laboratory technical staff. She received training about basic practical principles for the design and manufacture of braided composites. She also familiarized with available equipment, materials and production process.

Sofia is pictured besides the “128 Carrier Radial Braiding Machine”. This is a highly automated machine employed for the production of braided fibre preforms for use in composite materials. The machine is unique in the class of braiding machines and does not have analogs worldwide.

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