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ESR participates at ‘Fly, Scan, Print’ open day

UCD, Dublin (Ireland), 22 Jun 2016
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ESR14, Siyuan Chen, participated in the organisation of the free event “Fly Scan Print” by U3D that took place on the Wednesday 22nd June 2016. Most of visitors were aged from 18 to 30, with a majority of college students. Also some parents brought their children to enjoy the activity. There was at least 150 people that attended the exhibition throughout the day.

U3D is a full-time 3D printing centre open for commercial printing, design services, classes, and collaborative research based in University College Dublin (UCD). Prof. Debra Laefer, WP4 leader and supervisor in TRUSS, is director of U3D and leader of the UCD Urban Modelling Group (UMG) where Siyuan carries out his research. U3D and UMG combine forces to exploit capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in capturing geometry and features of real structures to develop accurate 3D models. For example, click here to see the magazine fort in Phoenix Park reconstructed from only a 2 minute UAV flight by the U3D team, or check Siyuan’s blog to see a 3D reconstruction of an historical building, the Bolland’s Mill in Dublin, also carried out by the U3D team.

The outreach activity was held in the ground floor of Newstead Block B at UCD campus and it was opened to the public from 9 am to 6 pm. It included laser scanning and interactive touch 3D demos as well as UAV hands on demo. Siyuan, together with Evan O’Keeffe (researcher from UMG), gave visitors free basic UAV flight training. Besides the all day hands on UAV – flying, attendants had the chance to meet the experts in the trade (The exhibition hall displayed stands by Stratasys, Liga OZ, Iam Kiely, Jenny Lawlor, HEIDL, 3Dom, 3D Technologies, Leica Scanning, Laser Lines, Dublin Design Studio, 3D touch and 3D Fashion amongst others), chat one on one, enjoy 3D anaglyphic images and videos. There was also a metal printer and Ultimaker available at room G20 (U3D quarters), food vendors to help survive the day and of course the public could sample 3D printed pancakes. A 3D printing competition was held at room G69, introductory classes to 3D printing and 3D design were imparted in lecture theatres G80 and F20, and drone racing took place in room G88! Almost 40 people joined the drone racing where Siyuan was in charge of the racing room safety.

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