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logo-phimecaPhimeca Engineering
Simulations & Uncertainty Engineering Department
Centre D’Affaire Du Zenit L’Arche, Rue, Cournon-D’Auvergne, 63800, France

SME with 26 staff in the business of Uncertainty Management that provides innovative services in the fields of modelling uncertainties in design, manufacturing and maintenance; numerical simulation for mechanical engineering; reliability and safety.

Phimeca is well-known for its software development, particularly related to uncertainty management in modelling and engineering such as ‘OpenTURNS’ (open source platform develop jointly with EADS IW and EDF R&D) and ‘PhimecaSoft’ a commercial software. It has also developed a training program on reliability analysis dedicated to its industrial clients & research partners.
PICASSO Programme (FP7 PCRD) and FP7 Long Life Bridges Project.

Several programmes funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR): MIRADOR and VULCAIN (Civil engineering), APPROFI (Probabilistic Fatigue Assessment) and CISSSI (Computational Methods). Phimeca also proposes a training cycle for people from industry on probabilistic methods for uncertainty management.

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