Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network
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C/ Viriato, 47, 08014,

COMSA has been taking part since 1891 in the development of Spanish railway infrastructures. It has made outstanding contributions to the construction of high-speed rail lines and the development of innovative equipment in electrification, track renewal (continuous and discontinuous system units which minimise required operation times), monitoring, maintenance (cutting-edge equipment and systems to carry out track maintenance work with a minimal impact on rail traffic) and installations.

The Technological Innovation Department works with the most advanced structural software such as Robot and Statik, and geotechnical such as Plaxis. A large technical database of structural articles, books and projects compiled during the works of COMSA is also available for consultation. Key agreements with Universities and Technological Centres make easy the experimental testing of the results of the research projects.
  • Joan Peset
  • Valenti Fontserè
EU FP7 MAINLINE and the Eco-Innovation project Ecotrack.

Academic forums linking students with Industry: FUTURCIVIL (UPC), INDUFORUM’10 (UPM). Research in FP7 EU funded projects (INNOTRACK and URBANTRACK) as well as wide experience in national programmes.