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greenwood-logoGreenwood Engineering
H. J. Holst Vej 3-5C,
DK-2605 Brøndby,

Specialist engineering company that provides measurement equipment for the transport sector. Holds the patent on the Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD) and has 100% share of the western market in Traffic Speed Deflectometers.

R&D staff in Denmark and USA. Apart from the development, manufacturing and service of equipment, Greenwood also provides support to service providers using Greenwood products for pavement and railroad condition surveys, bearing capacity analysis, evaluation of roughness and texture (for road & airport pavements), based on practical experience from site work, data collection and analysis.
  • Dr. Jørgen Krarup
Currently participating in the TRIMM project (EU).

Participant in a number of projects with the Technical University of Denmark. Recently a shared Industrial PhD programme on Pavement Analysis of dynamic response from dynamic loading on pavement structures.

Trying to use TSD on bridges is completely new to Greenwood and we have no publications about that yet, and no knowledge about others having tried it.