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Institute for Civil and Mechanical Engineering Research
2 rue de la Houssinère BP 92208 44322
Nantes cedex 3


Université de Nante is attended by approximately 34,500 students (More than 10% of them are international students coming from 110 countries) with 4,250 staff, 50% of which is dedicated to research. Université de Nantes strongly promotes interdisciplinarity. Within 21 faculties and schools, 295 specialities are represented and 63 laboratories work in all fields of knowledge. 75% of them are A and A+ rated.

Lab facilities allow for: dynamic and quasi-static characterization of the mechanical behavior of materials; study of the impact of various projectiles on a target (rubber ball, metallic object, ice cube) at more than 300 m/s; crash of structures; experimental equipment to produce organic composites and to characterize materials in physical terms; Structural testing floor to meet the challenges of environmental civil engineering – construction risk management, assessment of the ageing of structures, taking into account climatic changes, environmental impacts associated with construction -, that brings together simulation tools adapted for dimensioning and management of the lifecycle of structures, allowing the integration of the influence of specific or extreme environmental actions and severe demands on the structures during their use; rapid manufacturing platform bringing together several manufacturing processes: additive manufacturing, machining, forming, welding, bioprinting.

Franck Schoefs has been coordinator of the French PPP MAREO (MAintenance and REpair of concrete coastal structures: risk based Optimization) between 2008-2012, and leader of the workpackage “Reliability and Decision” of the project EVADEOS supported by the French National Research Agency. He has participated in several EU projects, e.g. MEDACHS (INTERREG IIIB Atlantic Area 2000-2006), DURATINET (Atlantic Area Trans-national Cooperation Program 2007-2013) and as member of Steering Committee and member of management committee of H2020 projet ‘VoSHM: Quantifying the value of structural health monitoring’ (COST action TU 1402).

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  • Schoefs, F. (2008), ‘Sensitivity approach for modelling the environmental loading of marine structures through a matrix response surface’, Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 93(7):1004-1017. [DOI]
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  • Bastidas-Arteaga, E. and Schoefs, F. (2012), ‘Stochastic improvement of inspection and maintenance of corroding reinforced concrete structures placed in unsaturated environments’, Engineering Structures, 41:50–62. [DOI]