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Equipos Nucleares S.A. (ENSA)
Av. Juan Carlos I, 8, Maliaño, 39600, Spain


Since 1973, Ensa is a worldwide leader in the supply of manufactured equipment and services for the civil nuclear industry. Recognized in the nuclear industry for the quality of its products and high-tech manufacturing processes, Ensa is specialized in the manufacture of large components such as reactor vessels, reactor vessel cover heads and internals, steam generators, heat exchangers, casks for fuel storage and transportation, racks for fuel, etc.  The modern equipment and facilities available are able to cope with the largest manufacturing components. Its Advanced Technology Center, with accredited laboratories, creates the opportunity to develop innovative manufacturing techniques and inspections. The staff consists of 455 full time employees with about 110 people in Research & Development.

ENSA Advance Technology Centre, recently renewed, provides the technical support their special manufacturing and examination processes require. Services include fields as Metrology, Calibrations, Metalurgic tests, Metallografic tests, Mechanical tests, Non- destructive examinations, Chemical analysis, Welders and welding procedures qualifications, Material investigations, Robotic and automatizations. Permanent plan of R&D for the latest welding techniques, robotic and control of their processes.
Advanced Welding Techniques development; Robotic Machines II; BWR & PWR Vessel Bottom; Penetration Welding Equipment design project (SOPHIA-P & SOPHIAB); Local Low Vacuum Electronic Beam Welding; Design of the Generation 4 European Reactor (as part of joint FP7 project); Design of smaller cask for Irradiated Fuel Transport & Storage for BWR fuel (Cask ENUN BWR-r); Design & development of an integrated monitoring system for fuel transport & storage casks; Development of Standard Curve.

Advanced Welding Techniques; High Safety Hatches for nuclear fuel refueling operations; Advanced Distortion Simulation Techniques in the manufacture of structures for large facilities (ITER); Laser-based Welding Technology for the tube plate connection; Active Thermography project applied to weld inspection in the nuclear industry (TAIS); Development project of cast nozzle manufacturing technology for PWR fuel; Project for large nuclear component design & manufacturing technologies (G3+ and G4);Project of Photonic Techniques for Supervision & Control of Welding Process in the Nuclear Components industry (SISTER-1);Progress & consolidation of the Marine ROV project for offshore platform support (renewable energy program);Beginning of the wind turbine component machining project.

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