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COTCA, S.A. 2017-05-18T19:25:11+00:00
COTCA, SA (former Crack Ingenieria Catalana sl)
C/. Tuset, 8, 5º, 1ª, 0806, Barcelona, Spain

COTCA, S.A. (former CRACK Ingenieria Catalana sl) is located in Barcelona (Spain). CRACK originally had 3+ engineers perform high-level mechanical consultancy in engineering dynamics, civil and industrial engineering. COTCA, S.A. is a company dedicated to Quality Control of construction in civil and building structures. COTCA, S.A. has in total 16 staff and some 6+ engineers with MSc degrees who are located in Barcelona.

They offer significant practical experience from site work (technical assistance on site) on structural monitoring and instrumentation, control and maintenance structures. They use the Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator technology that uses swept-wavelength coherent interferometry to measure temperature and strain using optical fiber as the sensor.

This technical offers the ability to test a structure at numerous specific points of interest over an extended area sensing locations and gauge lengths. Crack also has experimental capabilities due to laboratory collaboration with Control Técnico Catalán (laboratory associated) and cooperation with two laboratories at the UPC.

  • Sergi Villalba
Collaborations with UPC in different departments such as Engineering and Architectural Construction, on research works related to new construction technologies.

Long tradition of assisting clients in solving structural analysis problems using both analytical and experimental capabilities, to minimise costs, reduce risk and improve performance across diverse industries. Delivered services include: design support; troubleshooting; repair structural designs; modifications; life extensions; durability increases on structures; custom research & development.

  • Villalba,S, Casas,JR, Aparicio,AC, Villalba,V (2013), New structural joint by rebar looping applied to segmental bridge construction. Fatigue strength tests, Journal of Bridge Engineering, 18(11): 1174-1188
  • Villalba,S, Casas,JR (2013), Application of optical fiber distributed sensing to health monitoring of concrete structures, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 39: 441-451
  • Villalba,S, Casas,JR (2009), Feasibility of Structural Health Monitoring of concrete structures by Optical Backscatter Reflectometer, 7th international Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Stanford University, USA.