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Burgmann Packings

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Burgmann Packings,
48 Cookstown Industrial Estate,
Dublin 24, Ireland


Burgmann Packings Ltd, based in Dublin, is part of the multi-national SME, Burgmann Packings Group. It provides complete product ranges for composite materials & sealing technologies.

The remit of the Dublin site includes a strong focus on business diversification and over the last 5 year this has led to the establishment of the Braided Composites Materials Business Unit in 2012 and a major capital and training investment to expand their production capabilities. 2013 marked a key milestone with installation of composite specific radial braiding technology onsite in Dublin.
  • Mr. Greg Byrne
Burgmann Packings is an active member of the Irish Centre for Composites Research (IComp) with numerous collaborative projects hosted at the University of Limerick.

Previous projects have included several collaborative programmes with Textile Composites Group based in Institut für Flugzeugbau at the Universität Stuttgart.

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