Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network


Beneficiaries 2017-09-30T12:58:59+00:00

In addition to four academic beneficiaries (TCD, UCD, UNOTT and UPC), five non-academic beneficiaries (Arup, ENSA, FSDL, Lloyd’s Register and Phimeca)  recruit an ESR and play an important role in the training programme. Each ESR will have the opportunity to get exposure to the work practices and research innovation environments of all the following:

  1. World-class academic research groups,
  2. SMEs and
  3. Large organisations

which will be of great benefit to them in terms of their long-term adaptability and employability. ESRs will spend most of their time hosted in the beneficiary leading their projects and a short period (of some months) hosted by other participant/s, being one of the two placements within the private sector.

The strong industry involvement in TRUSS is a deliberate policy to provide the ESRs with an industry-focus, to increase the likelihood of future exploitation of the results of their research and to enhance their long term employment opportunities in the non-University sector.