Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network
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AECOM, 12 Regan Way, Chetwynd Business Park, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 6RZ, United Kingdom

International consultancy offering integrated professional services in the transportation, property, environment and natural resources sectors.

Extensive laboratory and in situ testing across a range of asset types, further complemented by a detailed understanding of the operational railway and maintenance /renewal of the permanent way assets. In addition to a large laboratory facility, we have access to a range of live sites on road and rail networks as part of our ongoing survey/examination work. We also have access to Network Rail data portals.
  • Dr Matthew Brough
Railway Track for the 21st Century (University of Southampton, Birmingham, Nottingham), Supervisor in Tracklife Engineering Doctorate (University of Southampton) and TTCI Track Substructure Research Initiative. Active member of the US Technical Advisory Group focussing on the investigation, understanding of roadbed failure mechanisms and remedial measures.

Investigation into the Development and Role of Structure in Railway Ballast (UNOTT, Southampton); Identifying the Key Parameters that influence Geogrid Reinforcement of Railway ballast (UNOTT); ISERT Improving the Stiffness of Existing Railway Track EPSRC Link (University of Birmingham). Mentor in Effect of Transitions at Railway Structures on Track Performance (ERASMUS – University of Pisa) and Measurement of Material Fouling by Ground Probing Radar (ERASMUS Université de Savoie – Polytech’Savoie). Advisor in FUTURENET– future resilient transport networks (University of Birmingham).

  • Brough,MJ (2013-present), Development of the Rail Trackform Stiffness Tester, RSSB (development of a new machine and laboratory facility for the testing of trackform stiffness)
  • Sharpe,P, Middleton,S, Brough MJ (2012), Total Route Evaluation, CORE 2012, Brisbane.
  • Chrisp,O, Knight,J, Brough,MJ (2007), The Forensic Investigation Of A Tunnel Lining, Railway Engineering, London.