Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network
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logo-tcdTrinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin (TCD)
Department of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering
College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is ranked in 61st position in the top 100 world universities by the QS World University Rankings 2013. TCD employs a total number of 2936 Full-Time Equivalent staff, of which 785 are academic staff, 1496 are library, technical, administrative, and support services staff, and 655 are research staff. In 2012/13, there were 12174 undergraduates and 4472 postgraduates. TCD has officially endorsed the Charter and Code.

The Experimental Development in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering can complement or provide an alternative to analytical and computational methods. It is usually laboratory based, but can involve field testing. It is especially useful for non-standard conditions, such as cyclic and dynamic loading or inelastic response, and when fatigue or plasticity play a role.
FP7 Rain led by TCD, Marie Curie IAPP Long Life Bridges, FP7 CP SmartRail led by UCD, and FP7 Research For the Benefit of SME BridgeMon.

FP5 SAMARIS (Sustainable and Advanced Materials for Road InfraStructures), Interreg iiib – MEDACHS and Interreg iv DuratiNet, FP7 Marie Curie TEAM led by UCD, Calibration of the Eurocode Traffic Load Model for Bridges, Probabilistic Modelling and Structural Assessment of the partially collapsed Malahide Viaduct in Dublin and the Dursey Island cable car in Cork (Ireland), computational methodologies for Danish Rail.

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