Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network
TRL 2017-09-30T14:39:25+00:00
TRL (UK Transport Research Laboratory)
Crowthorne House, Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham Berkshire RC40 3GA, United Kingdom

TRL is one of the largest independent centres working in transport in the world, with an 80 year history of delivering high quality research, around 300 permanently employed technical professionals and access to a wide range of specialist facilities. They specialise in trialling novel concepts, translating them into workable solutions and developing associated advice and standards for implementation.

Information centre, containing records of published and unpublished research by TRL staff. Equipment for monitoring the geometry, evenness, surface texture and stiffness of road pavements. Access to databases of road conditions data. Accelerated pavement test facility including instrumentation for measuring rolling resistance.
  • Dr Helen Viner
  • Dr Emma Benbow
  • Matthew Wayman
Development of algorithms for assessing road surface deterioration, automated inspection of bridges, development of an acoustic method of assessing drain condition and the detection of low adhesion conditions on railways.

TRL research led to the nationwide adoption of new technology for assessment of road condition, including stiffness and surface texture. Novel instrumentation within its accelerated pavement test facility enabled assessment of the rolling resistance of HGV tyres on pavements with different stiffness and surface texture. Partner in the EU MIRAVEC project for modelling the influence of the road infrastructure on vehicle energy consumptions.

  • Benbow,E, Viner H, Brittain,S (2013), Potential for NRAs to provide energy reducing infrastructure. MIRAVEC deliverable D3.1. Paris, France: CEDR
  • Wayman,M, Schiavi-Mellor,I, Cordell,B (2011), Protocol for the calculation of whole life cycle greenhouse gas emissions generated by asphalt PPR575. Wokingham, UK: TRL Limited
  • Dunford,AM, Parry,AR, Shipway,PH, Viner,HE (2012), 3D characterisation of surface texture for road stones undergoing simulated traffic wear, Wear 292-293.