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logo-fsdlFull Scale Dynamics Ltd (FSDL)
The Sheffield Bioincubator, 40 Leavygreave Roa, Sheffield,
S3 7RD, United Kingdom.

Full Scale Dynamics Ltd specialises in managing structural performance of built infrastructure, in particular with reference to vibration serviceability. Their portfolio covers bridges, footbridges, ground and suspended floors, grandstands, staircases, dams, and tall and long structures in off-shore and nuclear applications. The theme of their underlying research and the Company’s key specialisation is in full-scale dynamic performance.

FSDL combines field testing and monitoring capabilities with analysis tools and bespoke software for FEM updating and performance simulation. In addition to its own software facilities for data analysis and modelling, the equipment includes a portable multi-shaker facility, drop-hammer, high specification accelerometers, data acquisition and cabling. They have access to an extensive range of state-of-the-art software and hardware costing over £1M for experimental and analytical investigations of vibrations of civil structures and biodynamics. Their facilities are the most advanced in the UK for vibration testing and analysis of large civil engineering structures.
Prof. Brownjohn has been previously involved in Marie Curie international Reintegration project CISHM and the FP7 NMP Integrated Project IRIS, the US Federal Highway Administration Long Term Bridge Performance Program and contributed to the American Society of Civil Engineers guidance on structural identification of civil infrastructure.
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