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Special Session on TRUSS in Ghent (IALCCE 2018)

TRUSS researchers participated at the Special Session SS-6 titled “TRUSS ITN - Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety”, which is the last network-wide event planned in the grant agreement of the project. The Special Session about TRUSS was held as part of the 6th  International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering in Ghent (Belgium) from 28th [...]

ESR talks about future of structural health monitoring

Following the collapse of the Genoa bridge, Matteo Vagnoli (ESR9) was interviewed again by Casentino più, this time by Christian Bigiarini - magazine director, for their 2018 August issue, this time about artificial intelligence and structural health monitoring. The article, titled "Tragedy of Genoa, Eng. Matteo Vagnoli: the future is artificial intelligence". An English translation [...]

“Using laser doppler vibrometer measurements on a vehicle for bridge damage detection”

On 16th May 2018, the paper titled "The Feasibility of Using Laser Doppler Vibrometer Measurements from a Passing Vehicle for Bridge Damage Detection" by Daniel Martinez (ESR12), his supervisor Eugene OBrien, and Abdollah Malekjafarian, came available in the website of Shock and Vibration. The paper is open access and can be downloaded at the DOI link of the publisher's website [...]

ESR makes top three in TRA Young Researcher competition

TRA VISIONS 2018 Young Researchers competition is the largest competition for Young Researchers in Europe for the transport industry and takes place every two years. The best final year and PhD students in Europe compete with each other. This year's winners were selected out of 169 young researchers from 56 different European universities that [...]

Joint publication on pavements, buildings, energy and marine infrastructure research by ESRs

This paper serves as a complement to the joint paper on TRUSS progress in bridge engineering already reported in SHMII-8. Here TRUSS ESRs and supervisors deal with TRUSS progress on infrastructure research other than bridges (i.e., braided FRP, concrete, nuclear racks, wind turbine towers, ships and ship unloaders and pavements). The title is 'Contributions [...]

“Embedded distributed optical fiber sensors in reinforced concrete structures-case study”

On 26th March 2018, Antonio Barrias (ESR11) published the paper titled "Embedded Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors in Reinforced Concrete Structures—A Case Study" together with his supervisors Joan Ramon Casas and Sergi Villalba, as part of the Special Issue Optical Fiber Sensors 2017 in Sensors, an original peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of Physical Sensing. This paper is open access [...]