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A state of the art review of modal-based damage detection in bridges: development, challenges, and solutions

"A State of the Art Review of Modal-Based Damage Detection in Bridges: Development, Challenges, and Solutions" is a paper published by JJ Moughty (ESR10) and his supervisor Joan Ramon Casas, in Applied Sciences on the 13th May 2017. This article was part of the Special Issue on "Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of Civil Structures" edited by Prof. Dr. Gangbing [...]

Analysis of load test on composite I-girder bridge

On 26th April 2017, the paper titled "Analysis of load test on composite I-girder bridge" by Farhad Huseynov (ESR7), his supervisors James Brownjohn and Eugene OBrien, and David Hester, came available in the website of Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring. Abstract: This paper showcases the importance of field testing in efforts to deal with the deteriorating infrastructure. It shows [...]

Bridge damage detection based on vibration data: past and new developments

The paper 'Bridge damage detection based on vibration data: past and new developments',  by JJ Moughty (ESR10) and his supervisor Joan Ramon Casas, was published in the Bridge Engineering Section of Frontiers in Built Environment on the 3rd February 2017. Abstract: Overtime, the structural condition of bridges tends to decline due to a number of degradation processes, such as [...]

State of technology review of civilian UAVs

Siyuan Chen (ESR14) has published the paper titled "State of Technology Review of Civilian UAVs" together with his supervisors Debra F. Laefer and Eleni Mangina, in Recent Patents on Engineering. The highlights of the paper are as follows: Background: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology has exploded in recent years. Presently UAVs are beginning to be major in roads [...]

A review of distributed optical fiber sensors for civil engineering applications

On the 23rd May 2016, Antonio Barrias (ESR11) published the paper titled "A Review of Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors for Civil Engineering Applications" together with his supervisors Joan Ramon Casas and Sergi Villalba, in the Physical Section of Sensors, an original peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of Physical Sensing. Abstract: The application of structural health monitoring (SHM) [...]