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Fifth doctoral degree in TRUSS

On Friday 22nd March 2019, Farhad Huseynov (ESR7) became the fifth TRUSS ESR in successfully defending his doctoral thesis in front of an examination panel appointed by the Postgraduate Committee at University College Dublin (UCD). The thesis, titled “Bridge Condition Assessment Methods Using Rotation Measurements”, was supervised by Prof. Eugene OBrien from UCD, Dr. David [...]

Fourth doctoral degree in TRUSS

On Tuesday 19th March 2019, Daniel Martínez (ESR12) became the fourth TRUSS ESR in successfully defending his doctoral thesis in front of an examination panel appointed by the Postgraduate Committee at University College Dublin (UCD), composed by Prof. Francis Au (External Examiner from the University of Hong Kong), Dr. Daniel McCrum (Internal Examiner from UCD), and Associate Prof. Amanda Gibney [...]

Third doctoral degree in TRUSS

On Tuesday 12th March 2019, Rui Teixeira (ESR4) became the third TRUSS ESR in successfully defending his doctoral thesis in front of an examination panel appointed by the Postgraduate Committee at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and composed by Prof. Sebastian Thöns (External Examiner from Denmark Technical University), Prof. Dermot O'Dwyer (Internal Examiner from TCD), and Dr. [...]

First doctoral degree in TRUSS is awarded

on 5th November 2018, Antonio Barrias (ESR11) became the first TRUSS ESR in defending his doctoral thesis in front of a jury appointed by the Doctoral Committee of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). The thesis, titled "Development of optical fibre distributed sensing for the structural health monitoring of bridges and large scale structures" and directed by Prof. Dr. [...]

Meeting requirements for a doctoral degree

All TRUSS ESRs are enrolled in a PhD programme at one of the academic beneficiaries. Therefore, in addition to the research, training and dissemination activities related to TRUSS, they must meet a number of requirements before submitting their PhD thesis for assessment. The pictures in this post show Barbara Heitner (ESR8), Farhad Huseynov (ESR7), Alberto Gonzalez (ESR3),  Daniel [...]

ESRs attend Asia-Pacific-Euro School on smart structures

Four TRUSS ESRs (Farhad Huseynov (ESR7), Matteo Vagnoli (ESR9), JJ Moughty (ESR10) and Antonio Barrias (ESR11)) joined an intensive three‐week programme of coursework, lectures, laboratory exercises and exciting non‐academic activities in vibrant city Yokohama that took place between the 17th July and 4th August 2017. The programme is known as the Asian-Pacific-Euro Summer School (APESS), and it is opened [...]

TRUSS ESRs submit joint research funding proposal

From the first training weeek, TRUSS has encouraged team work amongst ESRs. Network-wide events have served to promote cooperative learning by making ESRs to work in groups towards providing solutions to a specific case study or meeting the aim of a particular module. Ultimately, ESRs get used to work together and to combine their individual strengths to deliver a superior [...]

Validating a bridge safety model with long records of field data

ESRs in TRUSS are working on novel and advanced theoretical models that will reduce uncertainty in structural safety. However, these models need to be throughly tested on the field before they come standard in engineering practise. When the structures to be tested have the large scale of a bridge and the algorithm needs availability of long data records, [...]

Presentation at TRL by TRUSS researcher

As part of the secondment activities, the ESR is commonly asked to give a presentation about his research to local staff to share ideas and to promote discussion and further collaborations. This is the case of Federico Perrotta (ESR13), who  gave a talk titled "MIRAVEC and Machine Learning: two different approaches to road asset management" in TRL (Transport Research [...]