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Dr. Tony Parry

BSc, PhD
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tonyParry-110wAssociate Professor
University of Nottingham (UNOTT)

Role in TRUSS: Main Supervisor (ESR13)

Area of Expertise:

Road pavement condition measurement; Road surface skidding resistance and specification; Road pavement life cycle analysis


Tony Parry has a BSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Engineering Science and is an Associate Professor in the Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre. He worked for 13 years at TRL and gained the positions of Senior Research Fellow and Manager of a £6M Research and Consultancy Framework for Highways Agency. EPSRC funded research has included novel methods of road condition measurement and data analysis, and development of pavement LCA methodology. At the time of the start of TRUSS ITN, he is also working on a second ITN project (SUP&R) on road sustainability assessment. Previous EC Framework Programme projects include Re-ROAD (high-specification asphalt recycling) SILVIA (Silent Roads), VERT and VERTEC (Vehicle, Road, Tyre and Electronic Control System Interaction in Potentially Dangerous Driving Conditions). Other European work has included technical advice to the Netherlands DWW on specification of condition surveys of experimental road sections and for the Confederation of European Road Directors on the development of sustainability indicators.

At the time of start of the TRUSS project, Dr. Parry had supervised 2 PhDs to completion, published 13 internationally peer-reviewed journal papers and 22 conference papers.

Selected Research Outputs:

  • Galatioto, F., Huang, Y., Parry, T., Bird, R. and Bell, M. (2015), “Traffic modelling in system boundary expansion of road pavement life cycle assessment”,  Transportation Research Part D. 36 pp65-75. [DOI]
  • Qiao, Y., Flintsch G.W., Dawson A.R. and Parry, T. (2013), “Examining the effects of climatic factors on flexible pavement performance and service life”, Transportation Research Record. Vol. 2349, 100-107. [DOI]
  • Byrne, M., Isola, R. and Parry, T. (2011), “A generalised approach to outlier identification in pavement condition data”, International Journal of Pavement Engineering[DOI]

In TRUSS, Dr. Parry supervises “ESR13 – Using truck sensors for road pavement performance investigation”.

Publications in TRUSS (ESR13)