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Dr. Kian Basinoleiman

BSc, PhD, CEng, MIMarEST, MIMechE
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Lead Consultant
Lloyd’s Register EMEA

Role in TRUSS: Main Supervisor (ESR5, ESR6)

Area of Expertise:

Health monitoring; Real-time data processing; Simulation software; Finite element analysis; Vibration analysis; Automotive & Marine applications; Thermo-fluid flow process and combustion modelling.


He obtained his PhD in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Bath (1982). He continued research as post-doctoral fellow in the Imperial College of Science and Technology in London (1982-1987). Then he worked as research engineer in Ruston Diesels for 1 year before joining Lloyd’s Register in 1988 where he is currently lead specialist on vibration analysis of rotating machinery, gear tooth TIFF analysis, ANSYS finite element analysis, thermal-mechanical, management study, diesel engine health monitoring and fault diagnosis by performance monitoring, system design and field trials and computer modelling of load distribution on contact lines of helical gears among others.

He provides training of MSc students, sofware QA and support of LLoyd’s Register proprietary engine cycle simulation software MERLIN for commercial users in industry and in academia. He has been Chair of the IMechE “Combustion Engines and Fuels Group Committee” and “turbocharging conference series”.

Selected Research Outputs:

  • Banisoleiman, K. (2006), Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Turbocharges and Turbocharging, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Combustion Engines and Fuels Group, Boca Raton, Fla.: CRC Press.
  • Banisoleiman, K., Smith,  L.A., Bazari, Z. and Mathieson, N. (1993), “Simulation of Diesel Engine Performance”, Transactions (Institute of Marine Engineers), 105(3): 117-135.
  • Shamsolmalli, A. and Banisoleiman, K. (1991), “Real time diagnostic techniques and condition monitoring application”, Transactions (Institute of Marine Engineers), 103(6): 357-363.

In TRUSS, Dr. Banisoleiman supervises “ESR5 -Integrity management of ship structures” and “ESR6: Residual life assessment and management of ship unloaders”.

Publications in TRUSS (ESR5)
Publications in TRUSS (ESR6)