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The outreach activities reported in this section are meant to engage a large audience and to bring knowledge and expertise on a particular topic to the general public. There is an engagement and a two-way communication between the researcher and the public. In TRUSS ITN, outreach activities take the following forms:

  • Open Days: These events for school students are generally attended by parents and children and frequent questions are asked on the prospects of each career. TRUSS ITN hosts exhibition stands at open days in UCD, UNOTT, UPC and TCD that are inspiring to many students.
  • Research showcase: TRUSS ITN is hosting stands at national exhibitions and career fairs. Posters about TRUSS ITN have been produced for display throughout the day, as well as some of the technology platforms to support this research. In these events, TRUSS ESRs have had opportunities for networking and meeting with the general public, individual researchers and with other industry representatives.
  • Talks to final year University students: The Universities in TRUSS ITN have organised talks to students in their final year by potential industry employers, and also by current lecturers and postgraduates on the possibility of choosing a research career. TRUSS ESRs report to these students on their personal and professional experience.
  • Graduate Expo: This is a University event where graduates have an opportunity to speak individually with academic staff about graduate programmes (including research programmes). The Expo features presentations on Graduate Education options, the application process, careers advice, fees and grants and funding opportunities. The talks are followed by an exhibition where TRUSS research is promoted.
  • Talks to School students: ESRs are visiting 1st, 2nd and high level education schools to talk about TRUSS ITN and engineering as a career.