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The items below show some of other communication channels envisaged in TRUSS ITN. Among these channels, it is worth to mention:

  • This website, probably is the vehicle of greatest impact. It has external pages with information for the public/wider community about the project’s aims and objectives and material available (e.g. teaching material for primary and secondary education, material for stakeholders, etc.), as well as highlighting the ongoing work.
  • Wikipedia has become one of the main sources of consultation by students and in some cases, professionals. A link to TRUSS is available within the list of examples of Marie Skłodowksa-Curie Actions in wikipedia page.
  • Brochure: A brochure written in an easy-to-understand language has been produced for distribution in local events such as Open Days (to school students and graduates) in the four Universities participating in the consortium, at national workshops and international symposia.
  • Articles in newspapers, newsletters and magazines. The communication offices of the partners is utilised to the full to help with placement of articles about TRUSS ITN.
  • Multimedia releases: High-quality videos are made available to the general public through YouTube.