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TRUSS ITN has a profile on popular social media with more than 500 followers in Facebook, TwitterLinkedin, Google+ and ResearchGate. For example, followers of TRUSS in Twitter come from 19 countries: UK (24%), Spain (16%), Ireland (15%), United States (7%), France (7%), India (6%), Canada (5%), Austria (3%), Belgium (3%), Denmark (3%), Hungary (3%), Norway (3%) …

Additionally, ESRs regularly maintain blogs in Blogspot to inform of their current activities in a language that can be easily understood by the public. The blogs are accompanied by appropriate tags to ensure maximum exposure in internet searches. One of these blogs is shown below for illustrative purposes. All blogs can be found here.

Verification of the HDM-4 fuel consumption model using a Big Data approach: a UK case study, by F Perrotta, T Parry, LC Neves, T Buckland, E Benbow, and M Mesgarpour. Freely accessible for the next 50 days from authors.elsevier.com… @TRUSSITN @MSCActions @NTECComms