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Dr. Ciaran McNally

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Area of Expertise:

Durability of structural concrete and the influence of secondary materials; Corrosion in reinforced concrete; Reliability of concrete structures; Recycled materials in hot & cold pavement systems; Geophysical methods for pavement assessment; Biologically inspired methods for structural engineering design & assessment


He graduated in civil engineering from UCD in 1995. Having worked for Roadstone for a period, he returned to UCD in 1997 to undertake a PhD on alkali aggregate reaction in Irish concretes. He completed my PhD in 2001 and joined the Centre for Materials and Manufacturing (CMM) in UCD. Based in the School of Architecture, Landscape and Civil Engineering, his role as a research engineer involves materials research, product development, process certification, technical marketing technology transfer to industry. In 2007 he transferred to the lecturing staff within the School. He is Institutional PI for the EU projects Re-Road (grant no 218747) and Direct_Mat (grant no 218656), as well as Project coordinator for the 3.25 million euro Marie Curie Initial Training Network TEAM (grant no 238648).

At the time of start of the TRUSS project, Dr. McNally had supervised 1 PhD to completion, published 16 journal and 32 conference papers.

Selected Research Outputs:

  • McNally, C. and Sheils, E. (2012), “Probability-based assessment of the durability characteristics of concretes manufactured using CEM II and GGBS binders”, Construction and Building Materials, 30 (5):22-29. [DOI]  Link to full text
  • McNally, C. and Richardson, M.G. (2005), “Reactivity assessment of aggregates: the role of chert crystallinity”, ACI Materials Journal, 102 (3):163-169. [DOI] Link to full text
  • McNally, C., Richardson, M.G., Carr, A.J. and Strogen, P. (2004), “Domain size as a parameter for studying the potential alkali-silica reactivity of chert-bearing aggregates”, Magazine of Concrete Research, 56 (4):201-209. [DOI] Link to full text

In TRUSS, Dr. McNally supervises “ESR1 – Reliability of concrete structures reinforced with braided FRP” and “ESR2 – Reduction of uncertainty in assessing concrete strength of existing structures”.

Publications with TRUSS (ESR1)
Publications with TRUSS (ESR2)