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Dr. Arturo Gonzalez

BE, MSc, PhD, ProfDip
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arturo-110wCollege Lecturer
University College Dublin (UCD)

Role in TRUSS: Project coordinator, leader of WP1 on Management,
Academic co-supervisor and UCD PI

Area of Expertise:

Structural dynamics; Traffic loading; Bridge loading; Bridge assessment; Health monitoring; Weigh-In-Motion; Signal processing techniques; Neural networks


He graduated as civil engineer at University of Cantabria (Spain) and obtained MSc and PhD’s from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). In 2001 he continued research as Newman post-doctoral fellow in University College Dublin where he is college lecturer since 2003 and has completed a Professional Diploma in University Teaching and Learning. He has participated in EU COST345 (Procedures required for assessing highway structures, 1998-2002) , FP4 WAVE (Weighing of Axles and Vehicles for Europe, 1996-1999), FP6 ARCHES (Assessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Structures, 2006-2009), FP7 ASSET-ROAD (Advanced safety and driver support in essential road transport, 2007-2011) and FP7 TRANSFORMERS (2013-2016) under the FEHRL umbrella.

At the time of start of the TRUSS project, Dr. Gonzalez had supervised 8 PhDs to completion, published 48 internationally peer-reviewed journal and 82 conference papers, 1 book and 2 book chapters in the areas of structural dynamics, health monitoring, traffic loading and bridge assessment.

Selected Research Outputs:

  • González, A. (2015), “TRUSS: A Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network in the field of Structural Safety”, EngineersJournal.ie, 2015-07-14. More info
  • Gonzalez, A., OBrien, E.J., Cantero, D., Yingyan, Dowling, J. and Znidaric, A. (2010), “Critical speed for the dynamics of truck events on bridges with a smooth road surface”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 329 (11):2127-2146. [DOI] Link to full text
  • González, A., Rowley, C. and OBrien, E.J. (2008), “A general solution to the identification of moving vehicle forces on a bridge”, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 75 (3):335-354. [DOI] Link to full text
  • González, A., OBrien, E.J., Li, Y. and Cashell, K. (2008), “The use of vehicle acceleration measurements to estimate road roughness”, Vehicle System Dynamics, 46 (6):483-499. [DOI]  Link to full text

In TRUSS, Dr. Gonzalez co-supervises “ESR3 -Reduction of uncertainty in design of free standing nuclear spent fuel rack”, “ESR5 -Integrity management of ship structures” and “ESR6 – Residual life assessment and management of ship unloaders”.

Publications in TRUSS (ESR3)
Publications in TRUSS (ESR5)
Publications in TRUSS (ESR6)